Streaming Analytic Platform

Focus on what your business need, gather, analyzed a metric and automate a process that matter to your business.

Streaming Data Pipeline & Processing

Process data in real-time, trigger to events and produce real-time metrics

Near Realtime Data Ingestion

Automate engineering and business process by using rules and triggers, create schedule or trigger action based on data-stream.

Programmatic Access To Platform

Flexible API access for direct application or machine to machine interaction

Visual Pipeline & Workflow Engine

Configuring processing pipeline, rules & automation by using visual editor.

Data Lakehouse

Flexible and cost-effective data storage for warehouse and datalake requirements

Data Dashboard & Visualization

Live & customizable dashboard, compose your presentation using pre-built widget or create a custom through our SDK.

Robust Architecture

Our core application is running on realiable & robust Google Cloud Platform, 99.99% uptime is guaranteed.

Enteprise Grade Security

Security is the most fundamental aspect of our application, every part of our core has been built with best security practice in mind.

3rd Party Integration

Getting business done can involve multiple point of data, enriched you dashboard and data analysis process by connecting them to Blacksmith using data-stream feature.